I am Marcus Fitts, a digital designer + ecosystem builder + athlete + coach creating

Marcus is a DC-based creative, founder of District Triathlon, GRIT USA™ and recreational endurance athlete, with over 10 years of strategic branding, interactive, and digital experience.

As a freelancer, I wear many hats, and I’m involved in numerous roles such as: managing multiple projects, brand consultation, visual design + art direction, UX|UI and idea creation. I’m a creative problem solver, carefully combining design and marketing ideas, resulting in well formulated design solutions.

I focus on creating digital experiences that are functional and visually compelling.

User Experience

I curate experiences with users-first approach increasing sales and leads.

Graphic Design + Branding

Print + layout, logos, social media + digital graphics, full-spectrum brand identity.

Drone Services

Drone Photo/video services. Film athletes, races, weddings and many more outdoor events.

You can find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. If you need to message me, please fill out the form below. Thanks.